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What is unique in terms of hyaluronic acid in this product as Beluran?

On the market there are 2 types, which can be taken with food.

1.In powder form (~90%)

2.In the form of liquid (~10%)

Unfortunately, the powder has 1 flaw.

It's too bad and very long dissolves in pure water at temperatures up to 40 degrees. Not to mention of fluids in the intestinal system, which compete with other substances that also want to diluted it. Ie a very high degree of insolubility.

Therefore, a very important moment in contrast to what is on the market is form.

The second point of distinction is the length of the MOLECULES of hyaluronic acid.

This product is used the optimal length, which was found through the research and experiments. Who important detail - write in PM.

The third point of distinction. It's her subtlety in the three-dimensional video that provides easy passage and absorption in the intestine.

If you look at the number, here's a comparison:

The daily dosage of Silurana is 30ml in 25-30 injections that doctors kolyat in the joints. On a daily basis. If you calculate the 30 days for 1 course of treatment is taken somewhere 900 injections to joints.

To cells in the joint could continue to grow and multiply, they need building material.

Because of the added chondroitin, which is needed as building material for the construction of the cells in the joints. But chondroitin and the biologically inactive by itself, it does not work. Even though he was the best-selling cartilage in the world so far.

But it only works when cartilage cells were first treated with hyaluronic acid. Ie, it prepares the cells to reproduce.

If you sum up the benefits:

1.Liquid form

2.Defined length of the molecule (classified by manufacturer)

3.Certain three-dimensional structure

4.A sufficient quantity of to receive to the body to provide enough hyaluronic acid joint

The only caveat is that we cannot say that hyaluronic acid today and went in left knee)))

It evenly routed throughout the body. So you have 2-3 weeks to wait to fully feel its effect.)

Production: GRAMME-REVIT GmbH, Germany

To order, use the link:

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